➾20+Garden Design – Adds a Beautiful and Cool Atmosphere

➾20+garden design adds a beautiful and cool atmosphere (8)

Sometimes the term “don’t judge just something from the looks of it” does not apply in creating a pleasant occupancy in the eye

The front of your house is an essential part of paying attention because this is the first time someone else sees it.

However, it is not uncommon for the limited broad aspects to become an obstacle in managing parts of the home page. Applying the design of the front garden of the house under the area and geometry can make your home look more beautiful and refreshing.

– Minimalist green courtyard garden

The existence of green open space around the house is crucial for water catchment areas. The front garden design of the house with a minimalist home architecture can be an option for you who need green open space. To get it, plant the entire vacant lot with the type of grass you choose.

Minimize the number of trees and ornamental plants. The front garden design of the house with a minimalist concept dominated by green gives a refreshing, airy feel.

– Beautiful and colorful

Different from the minimalist garden front house design, this one front garden design is filled with various colors and ornaments. The garden lawn, flowers, and trees in the front garden design of this house can be applied if the front of the house is directly facing the sidewalk.

– The fountain as an oasis

Freshness from natural nuances not only comes from plants and grasses, but places water elements such as ponds, fountains, and mini fountains can also produce a similar impression.

Design the front garden of the house with a fountain in the middle or koi pond on the edge of the park can be applied if you have a large enough area. As for the limited land, the water element can be imported through a fountain model on the wall.

– Asian garden design

Rocks, gravel, and dry bushes are the constituent elements of Asian-style front garden design. Even though it seems dull and overgrown with greenery, it is precisely the design of the front garden of this house attached to an exotic tropical feel. The design of the front yard of a house like this is also known as the Zen Garden, a garden that is often found in traditional Japanese homes and buildings.

Terraced garden

The use of certain materials can display a different impression on the garden in front of the house. As the design of the front yard of this house, I was using one of the building materials, cement, the front yard design is made with terraces and twists so that the new impression appears so attractive.

In the design of the garden in front of the house, cement material is also used as a container for green plants to grow.

– Hybrid parks, a collaboration of various designs

In the front garden design of this house, the previous model’s main elements are combined into a front garden design that is no less slick. Even so, new impressions appear more prominent than natural shades of green.

Dry garden materials such as rocks and cement appear to be more dominant than green plants. The design of the front garden of this house has another function, namely as a parking lot for vehicles.

So, which design matches the look of your home’s facade?