➮40+Kitchen Decorations-Minimalist Kitchen Designs Of Various Themes for You

➮40+kitchen decorations minimalist kitchen designs of various themes for you (34)

The kitchen is an essential area in the house

Not just design, what should not be looked at is to pay attention to the function of the kitchen. Especially if the room is not too large and only has a small space for cooking.

There is no need to worry; even though the size is small, you can still create a small kitchen room but comfortable when used for cooking.

How to? Come on, see the inspiration for a minimalist and petite kitchen design with the following themes.

– Minimalist and petite kitchen design with the elegant monochrome theme

Happy modern design? You can copy your small kitchen design inspiration with this minimalist theme. Use furniture with a combination of black and white. You can also add a marble table to add an elegant impression.

To save space, you can create a dining table with a bar concept that integrates with the kitchen area.

– Small kitchen design with cubicle shape

Narrow areas sometimes make it challenging to install partitions to divide the space in the house. One way you can use is to create a cubicle model room, like this one kitchen area.

Instead of closing the room, you can make a wall around the kitchen but leave the center open. This trick can make the kitchen area remain well partitioned but does not feel cramped. Also, take advantage of the vertical shelf to store your kitchen tools.

– Small rustic kitchen design with aesthetic wood materials

If you want to show a bit of natural and natural impression in the kitchen area, you can use wood materials. Just mix it with white brick wall ornaments, and matching furniture, you can already have a beautiful little kitchen!

– Like a vintage design? Decorate your little kitchen with red brick ornaments and colorful mosaic walls!

Even though it’s not big, your kitchen area can still be eye-catching but functional. It could be an inspiration for those of you who like vintage homes and not monotonous, here!

– Change the monotonous little kitchen to be more attractive with patterned decorations

You can make one of the kitchen walls with motifs in harmony with the desired color theme. You can also make a hanging rack on the wall right above the dining table.
Not only can it be used to display collection items, but this rack can also function as a partition that separates the kitchen area and other rooms.

– Your little kitchen will look more attractive with a combination of wood and metal

The use of modern metal with natural shades of wood produces a minimalist but not monotonous kitchen atmosphere. You can also add gold shades to decorate your kitchen area.

– The combination of bright colors and pastels to create a unique kitchen that is an anti-main stamper

Don’t hesitate to combine colorful furniture in your kitchen area. Although simple, this one way can make your small kitchen area become an instagramable place!

– Use multifunctional furniture, for example, storage drawers as well as this table

If you have a narrow kitchen area, avoid using bulky and bulky furniture because it will increasingly make the space more narrow. Choose furniture that can be folded and stored as needed to remain free when doing activities in the kitchen area.