➫40+Kitchen Design-Minimalist Kitchen Ideas Suitable for Small Houses

➫40+kitchen design minimalist kitchen ideas suitable for small houses (30)

Minimalist kitchen with the narrowness of the room makes you have to be more observant in arranging

But if you can find the right design, then your kitchen will feel comfortable and relaxed. Then, what ideas are suitable for a small kitchen? See the leak from us below!

– Minimalist Small Kitchen Design

Minimalist design is the right design for small-sized dwellings. Also ideal for small kitchen set designs. The most important thing for a minimalist design is the amount of furniture as needed.

– Hidden Small Kitchen Design

For limited space, the kitchen is not infrequently in an area with a dining room. For those who feel uncomfortable uniting the kitchen and dining room, a trick that can be applied is the hidden little kitchen design hidden kitchen design. It can be covered with folding partitions or curtains. You can open the curtains while cooking.

– Use hidden furniture for small kitchens

Determine the furniture to be used.use multifunctional furniture that can be removed and hidden. For example, a table planted in the following cabinet. Pull this hidden table out of the office when you need it.

– Get rid of Cabinets, Use Open Shelves in Small Kitchen Designs

You can use the cabinet to make the room feel closed. Use open shelves to contact spacious. The advantage of open shelves is keeping the furniture in moisture.

– Anti Wet Dish Rack for Small Kitchen Design

After washing dishes, cups, or spoons, we usually put it in a container to drain water before returning it to the storage cabinet. This habit will undoubtedly take up a lot of space in the small kitchen.

As a solution, you can put a minimalist barred plate rack right above the laundry. All dishes that have been washed and still wet, you can immediately put on the shelf. Save space and energy.

– Make the Most of Every Corner with a Maximum

You can use every corner as much as possible. Don’t leave unused holes in the small kitchen designer use a small cabinet attached to the wall. Why not? You can also hang cooking utensils.

– Small Kitchen Design Dominated by Cookware Hangers

For open shelves, it can make the kitchen design look wider. You can make a hanging rack to put cooking equipment, such as a frying pan, a pan, a colander, and a cooking spoon.

This storage idea is very appropriate, rather than putting it in a kitchen cupboard. When you use cooking utensils, you will more easily retrieve them without breaking the stack in the kitchen cupboard.

– Design a Small Kitchen with the Help of the Surrounding Area

Do you have trouble putting essential items in the kitchen? For example, putting food shelves outside the kitchen near the dining table or using a closed cabinet next to the kitchen facing the family room.

– Corner Cabinet in Small Kitchen Design

Homeowners often overlook this small kitchen design. Choose a cabinet that uses intersections in two corners. Now, which one is your favorite kitchen design? With proper planning, small kitchen designs can be more productive and functional.