➢20+Bedroom Inspiration – How to Design a Bedroom?

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– How to arrange the bedroom interior?

Size under nine meters:

To save space, i.e., a bunk bed that leaves plenty of space underneath for other furniture. Another alternative is a folding bed or leaving space under the foundation for a storage drawer. After placing essential furniture, you can review how much space is there to put the wardrobe, table, chairs, and decorations.

– Medium & large size / above 10 square meters:

Relatively free to determine the placement of a bed, wardrobe, study table with chairs, bookshelves combined with a sofa. For example, you want more space for other furniture but still prioritizes privacy, and then you can place a sliding partition around the bed or just a curtain. A surefire tip is not to block the light source. If you face east, there is a chance that you will wake up in the morning sun and feel uncomfortable. In general, position furniture according to function. For example, if you like to read, place a table or a small shelf near the bed to put your books and read glasses to make it more comfortable and practical.

– How to make the bedroom more spacious?

Change the paint color: often, you think the beige color can make a great room more spacious, but white is more useful to give the impression of relief.
Choose simple furniture and neutral colors.
Put a large mirror to give the illusion of more room.
Remove insulation in the room.

– Choose Multifunctional Portable Items

Considering that most boarding rooms have quite limited space, you must be smart in deceiving this.One of the solutions you are trying to outsmart is using a multifunctional portable device.For example, you can buy a folding study table and folding chairs.

Besides being able to be used for learning, you can also use this table as a dining table.You can also store it under a cupboard or mattress because the portable design makes it easy for you to store it anywhere.

– Address storage

One alternative you can try is to buy a hanging rack that you can install behind the door of your room.In addition to its economical price, the room will look neater in a simple way.

– Choose a Bed with a High Bed

Now, to add extra space in a small boarding room, you can choose a bed with an area at the bottom.That way, you can store items scattered around the room in the new area you have provided.

Don’t forget, before putting all your belongings under the mattress, store it first in a box so that it looks more presentable.

– Use Used Goods As Storage Boxes

Because the small room is usually more prone to look messy.Although it is essential, buying a special storage box is undoubted quite a hassle because you have to spend extra money.

You can use used boxes such as used shoeboxes, food boxes, and others.If you can store these boxes creatively, like wrapping them in a gift wrap, your boarding room can look more attractive.

– Large Mirror and Decorative Lights

The combination of these two things can make the corner of your quiet room more cheerful.The mirror effect will also make a small room feel more relieved.

With this simple method, you can change the look of your room to be more elegant.