➡20+Living Room-Design and Style that Become a Favorite

➡20+living room design and style that become a favorite (15)

When visiting, then the first impression you see is the living room

The interior design represents the whole house. It is no exaggeration if you pay more attention to the interior design of the living room.

Plan a space design carefully; many interior styles are developing now. You can choose various interior design styles according to the model of the house. Several methods of living room interiors are currently accessible to reference the interior of your dream living room. Come on, be seen!

– Minimalist living room interior

Modern design lovers who don’t want confusion and hassle in determining what kind of interior space is right for your home, minimalist interior design is the safest choice. The use of primary colors and minimalist furniture, such as gray couches or white bar tables, never fail to make the whole house feel more modern and contemporary.

– Industrial living room interior with a natural touch

The interior design style of the modern guest rooms is currently in high demand. This industrial impression is also not uncommon in the internal models of some people’s living rooms.

Exposed raw materials, as well as the use of ornaments and industrial elements that are usually not found in residential interior design, are generally seen in industrial-style living room interiors.

However, the industrial design style generally gives the impression of being more relaxed and stiffer. It is more widely used in the architecture of modern buildings or interiors of commercial buildings than living room interiors. For those who want a warmer impression, you can add the use of wood materials and natural elements to the furniture in the living room, such as rocking chairs, tables, and drawers.

– Interior vintage living room open

The next inspiration for interior space is a vintage-style living room interior. Unlike the previous style, the interior of this living room enlivens a warmer and homey impression.

The hallmark of vintage design is the use of old-style furniture and the application of light pastel colors. Combining the interior of this living room with natural materials such as rattan or natural material furniture such as bamboo chairs makes the concept of open space can be a perfect choice to create a comfortable living room interior.

– Scandinavian living room interior- Scandinavian living room interior

For those of you who want to have a neat and clean living room interior without reducing the aesthetic value, this Scandinavian interior inspiration can be your choice or reference. With monochrome-dominated colors and minimalist Scandinavian-style furniture and furnishings, Scandinavian interior styles look much neater and more attractive.

You can also complement the interior design of a Scandinavian-style living room with a hanging rack and modern artistic decor to give an artistic impression to the interior of the living room without reducing the Scandinavian atmosphere it has.

– Natural living room interior

The next choice of the interior living room is the right choice for you who want a warm impression and a fresh feel—the interior design of a natural living room like this you can realize with straightforward steps.

First, the color selection in your living room’s interior must be centered on the choice of earthy tone colors. Both in finishing the room or furniture selection and decoration complement. In the furniture collection to fill the interior of the living room, prioritize furniture that uses natural materials, such as the coffee table or shoe rack near the entrance.

Finally, complete the interior of the living room by placing some green plants. That way, the interior of your living room will feel more natural and refreshing.

– Interior of a retro living room

The interior of the living room with a retro design is now also beginning to demand. For you who want to appear eccentric, this one living room design can be your choice and reference. Enough with the use of typical retro contrast colors and complete it with pop art decorations.

To reinforce the impression of retro, you can choose the use of furniture that is slightly antique typical of vintage designs that are daubed with contrasting colors. The interior of the living room like this will give a unique and eccentric impression to anyone who sees it.