➛25+Living Room-How to Decorate a Simple Living Room

➛25+living room how to decorate a simple living room (20)

A small living room does not mean that you have lost the opportunity to have a simple and functional living room

Furniture selection can be a challenge; simple living rooms are more comfortable to manage; there are tricks for designing simple living rooms that look attractive.

– Simple furniture gives more space

Use simple furniture. This will give plenty of space for your living room, chairs, or simple furniture that has advantages in more aerodynamic shape and gives a lighter impression.

– Choose Multifunctional Furniture

Use multifunctional furniture for decoration. For a simple living room concept, you can add a coffee table and backrest chairs.

Maximize every available space as possible, the cabinet can quickly fill a small space, and you are back trapped with the problem of running out of space.

Use multifunctional furniture, one of which is a sofa bed. It is instrumental because it saves space, sofa beds can save expenses because they are cheaper than a set of beds.

– Wearing Wall Art and Decoration

You can use a flat-screen on the living room wall to replace many paintings and photos. Use digital albums when moments with friends.

– Pay attention to Small Size Furniture

Pay attention to some furniture that is key in its arrangement – At a glance, the size of these objects may look too big for the living room and choose the most urgent furniture.

Don’t use too much furniture. You can design it by only using important furniture.

– Simple Living Room Must Be Functional

The living room is a significant place, also functions versatile. You can apply a simple design. Choose items or furniture that are important and can be dismantled or installed easily.

You can use a three-seat sofa and can also use a wall shelf to maximize the room. The use of wall bookshelves can make you look relieved, making your living room feel more significant and straightforward.

When choosing colors for simple living room decorations, safe colors are neutral colors. Small rooms look best with a three-color palette and are perfect for all-white decoration schemes. When choosing furniture with larger sizes, such as sofas, floor lamps, or bookshelves, stick to the solid colors and colors of real wood. If you can’t use neutral colors in all furniture and simple living room decorations, consider a wall with wallpaper.

Those are some living room design inspiration that you can use in your living room. The key to a simple living room comfortable to see and comfortable to live in is the selection of furniture that suits the room. Hopefully, you are not confused anymore when you have to arrange a simple living room after seeing the inspiration above!

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