✓28+Small Balcony – Cool Balcony Design for Your Luxury Home

✓28+small balcony cool balcony design for your luxury home (26)

The need for space to interact with the ‘outside world’ while maintaining privacy is why balconies are needed in a building.

As part of the courtyard located on the top floor of the building, the function of the balcony is the same as the terrace on the ground floor.
In terms of construction, indeed, the width of the balcony cannot be as big as the terrace, which is only limited to the fence of the house. The part of the gallery that can be free without structure or hovering is only 1/3 of the total beam span.
Then, what the balcony can accommodate functions and activities? What about a fresh balcony design for your luxury home?

– Balconies as well as corridors connecting between rooms

Design a balcony as a hallway that interacts with the interior and exterior. The parquet flooring with simple lines arranged in harmony with structural columns. Both provide a minimalist touch that offers a good lighting and ventilation system for the spaces around it. This balcony is a place where residents enjoy the open area in the middle of the house, a calm atmosphere, the beauty of the Irish leaves adorned with beautiful yellow flowers, and the rush of water from a pool on the ground floor.

– Balcony with garden and sitting area

This house is designed with the Javanese knowing pattern as a unique accent that confirms its existence as a modern tropical Javanese house, on the balcony collaborating natural materials such as wood and natural stone. This balcony also has a sitting area to relax completely with a minimalist garden adorned with local lilies and Indonesian tabebuia/sakura trees.

– Balcony as a canopy downstairs

Design a multi-function balcony, like a balcony, as well as a canopy for the terrace below, as well as a point of interest in front of the building. Balconies look unique with vertical stripes on balustrade/balcony railings, different from other parts of the wall, which are patterned brown.

– The balcony is different for each room

This balcony comes as an embodiment that wants to display the beauty of lines to form the clarity of space perspective. This house presents many tracks as the main character for the facade, walls, floors, windows, and balcony railings. The existence of many balconies emphasizes the concept of the line that is carried and displays the beauty of the modern design.

– Balcony with beautiful and serene lighting

Again, the balcony becomes the central element in the building’s facade. Atelier Cosmas Gozali even emphasizes it by displaying beautiful and serene lighting in the gallery. The turquoise color on the 2nd-floor balcony lighting system looks gorgeous and visible above the fence line.

– Balcony as a garden

Indeed, the balcony is deliberately used as a ‘floating’ park to provide beauty and coolness to the upper floors’ rooms. Various plants that withstand weather changes and minimal care, such as sansevieria tongue-in-law, ornamental broccoli, white banyan, and elephant grass, deliberately chosen to maintain the beauty of this park.