✓20+Garden Designs- Some Awesome Garden Types and Ideas For You

✓20+garden designs some awesome garden types and ideas for you (18)

Residential design with the concept of a garden house is identical to a garden in the house area

Not only the garden house, now every homeowner is starting to realize that the garden around the house. The awareness to add a garden at home is supported by reducing green areas in the city center. The park is an alternative for relaxing and spending time with family at home.

– What kind of garden design do you want?

There are various types of parks. However, not all types of gardens can be applied to your garden design. What kind of garden design would you like? And what kind of garden is suitable for your home? Here are some types of parks that are often chosen.

– Dry Garden

Why is it called a dry garden? Because a garden with this concept does not use unintended air in its design. This garden is suitable for application in the house. The types of plants chosen are usually plants that do not require much air. If you have limited land and it is not possible to make a garden, you can make a dry garden as an option.

– Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are very suitable for those who don’t have the land to make a garden. You can use the walls of your house as a planting area. With the right design, choosing a vertical garden will make your home attractive and unique.

– Rooftop garden

Identical to the name, the roof garden is a garden that deliberately takes place on the roof. You can make this type of green if you have limited land. Its position above the house makes this garden exclusive because you and your family can only enjoy it.

– Minimalist garden

How can a garden be classified as a minimalist garden? The benchmarks are the garden area, simple ornaments, and the types of plants that are not diverse. This type of minimalist garden is one type of green that is in great demand.

– Japanese garden

Identical to the name, this garden is indeed adapting to Japanese design and culture. Japanese gardens are synonymous with bonsai, bamboo, and koi fish ponds.

– You can experiment and insert a few elements, and you can choose what elements you like the most
There are many elements in the garden

In general, the details of a garden are divided into two, namely softscape and hardscape. In garden design, these two elements are usually combined to create a beautiful and pretty garden design.

– Softscape (Garden Soft Element)

Softscape is a soft element in garden design. Included in the softscape are various types of plants that you can choose from for your garden.

– Hardscape (Garden Hard Element)

The opposite of softscape is hardscape. These are the harsh elements in garden design. There are many types of hardscape, ranging from ponds, ornamental stones, paving blocks, coral rocks, pots, wooden decks, etc.

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