✏25+Modern Kitchen-Modern, Simple, and Charming!

✏25+modern kitchen modern, simple, and charming! (21)

In today’s ideas, we will show you some practical and beautiful kitchen examples

Some are larger and others smaller, but all make the most of the available space and light. Listen and take notes; maybe some of these examples will inspire you to reform your kitchen!

– Good distribution

This distribution kitchen allows free access, while the space used is entire. The tabletop is made of marble, and the cabinets are made of synthetic wood with steel handles. The area’s welcoming and charming touch are set on the mosaic walls and small cream and white countertops, sharing a palette with coffee-colored flooring.

– Intensive granite countertop section

This kitchen’s main feature is an elegant and functional gray, granite countertop; you can use a cooktop with a reddish wood design and stainless handles. The upper cabinets have see-through doors with a light touch to the whole—a simple design and very functional.

– the style in red and black

Minimalist concept, stylish and elegant. Its design allows 360-degree management and use of every square centimeter. The tabletop has a two-story tab for the snack area. The upper and lower cabinets’ black design creates a bold and perfect combination with red doors, chairs, and accessories. Too beautiful!

– Wood and heat

This kitchen design is horizontal lines and a flat surface, reinforced by an elongated window resting on the table. The brown color of the upper cabinets gives off an elegant and sophisticated impression. The central islands are convenient and invite anyone to gather around you.

– Something traditional and modern

You can always include rustic or country details in a modern and functional kitchen like in this photo. The archipelago is covered in solid concrete, and the stove walls are tiled with mosaic tiles in a somewhat country style. Wooden windows and bank style breathes a rustic air to the area without compromising functionality.

– Beautiful mosaic

The colorful touches of this kitchen, with the presence of slightly dark gray wood and white on the granite countertop, offer plenty of space and relaxation. Beautiful mosaics of red, pink, and cream lead us to rich, fresh, and welcoming results.

– Color is appropriate

This kitchen design combines surfaces in two different wood shades, from dark to light and vice versa. This project makes use of the wall as a whole with a series of cabinets that take up the floor and wall-to-wall space, keeping a modern and minimalist style.

– Soft-touch

A kitchen that knows how to make use of space and light. With only a few surfaces, but taking advantage of all the low-cupboard furniture, this kitchen uses every centimeter to store and organize things. The white color and a little light contrast with the mosaic floor’s rustic look, elegant, clean, and bright.

– Classic and functional

This small kitchen takes advantage of the space in a very classic style with wooden cabinets in beige and see-through doors and opaque stainless appliances. Sheer fabrics and orange tiles add a colorful touch to this area.

– Quiet and elegant

It is nothing better for lovers of classic elegance and discretion than this classic, traditional design, and incredibly elegant format. All wood is dark in color; the sophisticated design is complemented by a dark gray tabletop and a modern kitchen center island.

– Modern contrast

This design exudes fun and modernity. The combination of tomato red with dark wood veneer creates an irresistible contrast, apparently maintaining a visual balance. Stainless steel appliances and beautiful windows complement the bench in gray design.