⇨20+Bathtub Design Ideas for the Bathroom

⇨20+bathtub design ideas for the bathroom (2)

Bathtub is one alternative, rather than having to use a regular bathtub

Bathtubs are now increasingly popular. With the size of the bathroom, you have to be more careful in choosing a bath so that the toilet is not full.

In contrast to the shower room, the use of a bathtub does require its own space, so you must carefully consider the bathtub model to place it in the bathroom. Now, bathtub models themselves are increasingly varied.

Not only the oval, but you can also find bathtubs in the shape of a square, circle, even with a shower combination that makes its functions more complex.

Types of bathtubs for this minimalist bathroom you can choose from a variety of materials, including wood, ceramics, and natural rock.

Align the bathroom with the theme of the bathroom. To be harmonious and exciting. If you are curious about what tub designs are most suitable for a minimalist bathroom, this is perfect. This time we will provide a review below!

– Circular bathtub

If your bathroom is small, you can apply this circular bathtub, which can also be used as a center point in your bathroom. Pair the bath with the shower to get a double function.

You can choose a white theme to sweeten the atmosphere of the bathroom and reinforce its minimalist design.

– Wooden Bathtub

A simple wooden model that is very compatible with the minimalist theme that you stretcher. With the all-brown idea, this will add to the vibrant bathroom, so it doesn’t make your bathroom design look monotonous and boring.

– Black and white bathtub

This one bathtub model is unique because it has two distinctive minimalist colors: black and white too. The color is very suitable to reflect the impression of luxury in the bathroom. You can install Lantau and bathroom ceilings in white to make the bathroom look more attractive.

– Bathtub with wooden elements

You can install wooden bathtub material in the bathroom to sweeten the design. This wood floor also functions as a water absorber, so the bathroom is not easily slippery. You can install a bathtub close to a door or window so that when you shower, you can feel the sensation of nature that is so attached.

– Square bathtub

Circular or oval models are common and too mainstream. Instead, you can choose another shape that is square to sweeten the look of your bathroom. You can install it in a terraced place like this. This one bathtub model is also suitable for luxurious bathrooms but still emphasizes the minimalist side in it.

– Marble bathtub

A marble bathtub does have a unique and fresh shape, and this can also add aesthetic value to your minimalist bathroom. Although the price may be quite high, the results you get will be in line with the costs you have already spent.

– See-through Bathtub

The selection of bathtubs is not merely a matter of model and shape, but also concerns the features offered. The development of tubs is increasingly unique. Now many bathtub designs are quite mind-blowing, one of which is a transparent bathtub.

As the name implies, this bathtub has a translucent look that is exactly like an aquarium. You must have imagined yourself being plunged into the aquarium, right? Well, this bathtub can realize your dreams!

This bathtub model is suitable if installed to increase the sensation of ‘calm’ in your minimalist bathroom.

Here it is, some reference models of bathroom bathtubs that you can try. So, which concept do you want to apply?