⇗38+Dorm Room-Best Design and Make Comfortable

⇗38+dorm room best design and make comfortable (20)

Maybe some of you are confused about what to decorate, considering the dorm room is not too big

Some of the reference dorm rooms with the following interesting decorations that you can copy are guaranteed to be made at home in that place. Like what? This is the warning

– Utilizing each gap as a storage area

Characteristics of hostel rooms usually have a small space. You can change its appearance by utilizing an empty gap under the bed. This will make the dorm room more spacious, and it will also look neat. You can add a little cloth to cover the gap under the bed.

– Change your room layout every few months

Usually, shortly after the holidays, most people may be accustomed to cleaning and arranging rooms. You can try with different designs, so you get a fresh and new impression. Or move the bed near the window and run the cupboard to the opposite side to get a comfortable and fit position. You can also place a mirror to give broader and relief.

– Use Multi-Functional Furniture

Limited space available in the room, then you can use multi-function furniture as a solution—a small table which was replaced by a pouf which could be a table as well as a chair. Also, use the top of the cupboard as a storage area.

– Coordinate with your Roommate

In designing a dorm room, you have to coordinate with your roommate, not to have a clash because the arrangement is not appropriate. For example, a neutral room color selection can be an option for those of you who have roommates. Besides, the use of furniture together is a wise choice considering the room is not too spacious.

– Make use of the room ceiling

Dorm rooms usually have high ceilings. Thus, you can take advantage of the ample space to put a more elevated bed; in fact, you can also arrange extra space under the bed for storage or workspace. You can also add a storage area at the top near the bed, which will also function as a table and even a drawer to make it easier for you when placing your handphone or glass.

– Minimalist Modern Room Designs

If the two previous room designs seem eccentric enough, you can choose a modern minimalist room design with earthy color tones such as brown, beige, white, to black. Room designs like this are usually the choice of Korean male artists from actors to idols.

However, if you want a softer and more feminine impression, you can replace the tone colors with pastel colors. This Korean-style room design is perfect for those of you who still want to look elegant despite having a K-Pop enthusiastic soul. You can add a wall shelf above the bed to display unusual items or your favorite idol photo.

– Room Design with Bunkers

For idol groups that have many members, sometimes they have to share rooms with other members. For you in the same place with your relatives or friends, maybe a bunker room design with K-Pop Idol-style bunk beds can also be applied to your room.

Not only saves space, but room designs with bunk beds are often a favorite.