→25+Bathroom: Interior design ideas, inspiration

→25+bathroom interior design ideas, inspiration (13)

 How to design a bathroom?

To renovate is not easy, trying to stick to existing and selected objects while following guidelines is usually best because it keeps the budget going according to plan. Start by choosing a color scheme that suits you best. After that, you can customize other elements: from floors, tables, wall colors, for lighting. We recommend designing the bathroom with the kitchen because there are several items needed in both spaces: sink, tile floor, table. For the bathroom, of course, you also need a shower, bathtub, etc.

– How to arrange furniture in your bathroom?

When your bathroom is small and limited, arranging it is not easy, primarily because of the neatness and cleanliness standards that should be met for the health of the residents of the house. Take care of your furniture: because of the high humidity, it is easy to get mold and rust and get damaged because of the foam splash on the soap. Use special cleaners so that furniture is durable and well organized. Move unused furniture or items: If you are not using them, immediately remove them and not place them elsewhere because they will accumulate and make the bathroom untidy and dirty over time. Many objects fill the place, such as a hairdryer, towels, and other drawers will also make the bathroom feel more spacious. Check the existing storage space/space: Return used pieces to their place: Objects that are often used are, of course, scattered about because sometimes they are not returned to their original location. Please keep it simple: Keep your choice of decorative elements simple. Mixing and matching items used such as soap holders, toothbrush holders, etc. help to keep the decor simple and harmonious.

-Which color is best for your bathroom?

Color is essential when designing any room. The right color can create the perfect space, or even with beautiful colors, you can rest entirely and meditate. If you tend to have busy activities, especially in the morning, the colors you choose should tend to be bright and crisp to make you feel fresh in the morning. While vibrant colors like purples, grays, and pastels can set the mood right to start a good day. However, the light intensity is better for a small bathroom because it can give the illusion of more space.

– How to choose bathroom accessories?

Not everyone knows that choosing the right accessories determines your comfort; it is essential to select fixtures that fit and match. Modern designs are best paired with modern lighting and geometric accessories; industrial designs are more suited to dark colors that expose pipes and drains as décor

– What should you do for bathroom lighting?

Access to bathroom lighting should be easy; lighting should be functional and bright enough. However, because bathrooms are usually smaller than kitchens, choosing the right lighting is sometimes not easy. The trick you should use is to combine natural and artificial lighting for maximum brightness. Artificial light sources should be located on the ceiling or walls, so they don’t get in the way and take up space – another advantage is that they don’t interfere with the harmony of the overall design.